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Our TRG-Assist™ Team Members


David Zutler and his brother Michael founded Westec Security in the Aspen, Colorado Valley in 1979. Westec’s Services included: Life-Safety/Security Systems, 24/7 Central Monitoring Station, Executive Protection, Armed Patrol Response, 24/7 Security for the Exclusive Community of Starwood, i.e. Guardhouse, Emergency Response, etc. The Zutler Brothers are currently incorporating their State-Of-The-Art SATCOM “Redundancy Solution” to better serve their clients Life-Safety/Security needs when primary modes of communication fail.

DR. JOEL RADEMACHER – Strategic Advisor

Dr. Rademacher is Director of Systems Engineering for a Global SATCOM Communications Company. He has over 23 years of experience in the commercial and government satellite industry. Dr. Rademacher has been instrumental in merging the State-Of-The-Art SATCOM technology into a more advanced, “Redundancy” form of communication when ground based communications paths fail. His focus has been primarily on the Life-Safety/Security and Communication Industries.

JOHN MCADAM – Strategic Advisor

Mr. McAdam, is a well-recognized and respected Life-Safety/Security equipment design expert. John was instrumental in the growth, and the impeccable reputation of Westec Security. Through Mr. McAdam’s illustrious 30 years’ career as Westec’s Engineering Manager, he was responsible for:

  • Design and Development of Numerous Life-Safety/Security Systems,
  • Development of the Training of Sales, Install, and Service Personnel Nationwide,
  • Developed and Designed Central Station Monitoring Centers, and Manuals.

John is currently working with TRG’s, SATCOM “Redundancy Solution” as a form of communication when Disasters strike, and normal communication paths fail. This Technology is Key for the Life-Safety/Security and Communication Industries.

SCOTT WRIGHT – Strategic Advisor

Mr. Wright has been developing technology solutions since the late 1980’s, having have been involved with most every aspect of the IT evolution. Mr. Wright is a Hands-on leader, proficient in balancing client requirements, corporate objectives, and technological capabilities. An innovative thinker, he is also adept at leveraging technology to improve operations and productivity. A sampling of Mr. Wrights skills are the Following:

  • Management and support of Windows, Apple, Linux computers and servers.
  • Cloud software developer, completion of several large-scale projects with multiple functions.
  • Proficient with Cisco, Adtran, as well as many other routers and firewalls.
  • Experience with Ubiquiti, Cisco, Motorola, Dragonwave, Redline, and other wireless technologies.
  • Setup monitoring and notifications for private home, corporate and government networks.
  • Spearheaded database implementation for internal and client crucial operations.
  • NOC manager with proven experience on many platforms.
  • Develop custom applications to accomplish tasks when off-the-shelf tools were unavailable.
  • TV and Radio Broadcast Engineering, technology, design and construction from studio to tower.
  • Experience as a CFO tied into technology knowledge base.

TOM SAMMUT – Strategic Advisor

Mr. Sammut has been involved in the Security Industry for over 40 years. He was influential, and instrumental in the growth of Westec Security in the Greater Southern California Area, as well as 100 national dealer locations. Westec was recognized as the Elite Life-Safety/Security provider in the United States. Since 2001, Mr. Sammut’s Company Focus Now Inc. has primarily been consulting with security companies of all size and types. Focusing on new directions in distribution and helping to train and improve current operating divisions. Mr. Sammut will be consulting with TRG to help build its Sales and Distribution Markets.

MARK E. BRENDER – Strategic Advisor

Mr. Brender is currently a consultant in the geospatial and satellite imagery industry. Throughout his illustrious career, both in the Military and Private Industry, Mr. Brender has been involved in the satellite industry. He was involved with the launching of IKONOS (the world’s first high-resolution Earth imaging satellite) in 1999. From January 2006 until October 2010, he served as the vice president of Communications and Marketing for GeoEye, Inc. Mr. Brender is consulting with TRG as an advisor of New Satellite Technology that is now being offered through private Industry.

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