“Your Life-Safety, Security & Communications Are Our Main Concern”


As security and communication professionals, we at The Redundancy Group (TRG) closely monitor the latest technologies that have impacted the Life-Safety, Security, and Data Communication industries. Historically, these industries have relied on land-based phone lines for their primary mode of transmitting and receiving data. We at TRG are disturbed by the massive industry-wide migration from land-based phone lines to cellular or long-range radio frequencies (RF) for their primary mode of transmitting and receiving data. Utilizing cellular and RF to communicate, do provide routine functionality and are reliable “most of the time”. But history has proved otherwise. Cellular and RF outages Do Occur!

“Most of the time” is not good enough for us at TRG. When hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, earthquakes, sabotage, or even terrorism destroy critical communication infrastructure, our clients can still communicate—day or night.

In today’s world, having a back-up form of communication is an absolute necessity. Our TRG-Assist™ is the answer.

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